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From David.......

I have a dream!

Perhaps like many small children who grew up some distance from the sea (Leicester) I also dreamt of what it must be like to wake up everyday to the sound of waves and seagulls, spending endless hours building sandcastles and eating ice cream. The closest I got was during an annual fortnight’s holiday at North Denes caravan site in Great Yarmouth. A trip made every August during the first 14 years of my life with my parents and elder brother and sister. How I cried each year when it was time to leave the sea and sand behind and return home with my dream unfulfilled!

Then in 1986, now with a young family of my own, I thought my dream had finally come true! I joined the national support group for BT’s digital telephone exchanges which had staff located in London and its sister group in Martlesham Heath! With bucket and spade packed I received the devastating news that the vacancies were in the capital. I didn’t cry this time but along with Elizabeth who also shared the dream we were nevertheless very disappointed!

My first appointment as a Minister seemed to confirm that God has a sense of humour as well as purpose sending us to Irchester in Northamptonshire - still some 100 miles away from our dream location! But He has a habit of knowing what’s best for his people and we’ve had many great times and blessings in our six years here!

However, the best I’m sure is to come! We are still pinching ourselves knowing that our dream will finally come true this year! What are we (myself, Elizabeth and her Mum, Joyce) looking forward to the most?

You can probably guess some of it from my ramblings above - so I won‘t bore you with talk of walks along the seashore, playing on the beach with grandchildren and discovering more of your amazing county with its rich heritage near and away from the sea. 

However, I hope it doesn’t sound too trite to say we are looking forward most of all to meeting you and sharing in your hopes and dreams as together we continue our journeys as followers of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

See you all very soon!

David, Elizabeth & Joyce